Vision Pro
Vision software from the world leader

VisionPro has been set free. Now you can get the world’s top vision software with its robust tool library – no matter what camera or frame grabber you use. That means all applications benefit from this broad-based, industrial-grade tool set from Cognex®

  • Proven in more than 400,000 installations worldwide, the VisionPro tool library spans all vision needs … from geometric object location and inspection to identification and measurement.
  • Combined with flexible and powerful PC-based development, VisionPro makes it faster than ever to create and deploy solutions for the most challenging machine vision applications.


VisionPro Power Tools!
The Cognex vision tool library is the industry benchmark for reliable, repeatable vision performance.

Fast and Flexible Application Development !
Something for everyone - drag and drop, scripting, or programming – VisionPro seamlessly supports all modes of development.

Total Hardware Independence!
Now you can get the world’s top vision software – no matter which camera, frame grabber, or direct-connect digital standard you use.

VisionPro’s capabilities set it apart

  • Drag-and-drop linking between tools enables quick communication of values, results, and images.
  • Intelligent software fixtures position tools dynamically, simplifying tool setup.
  • Re-usable tool groups and user-definable tools shorten development time

Vision Pro Tool Library

Geometric Pattern Matching and Inspection
PatMax, the industry’s gold standard for part and feature location, provides accuracy and repeatability under the most challenging conditions. Companion tools, such as PatInspect and PatFlex, extend PatMax to cover the broadest range of pattern matching and inspection.

 PatMax SA • PatMax XLC • PatFlex • Synthetic PatMax • PatInspect


Identification and Verification

IDMax reads even the most degraded data matrix codes, delivering consistently high read rates needed for part traceability. OCVMax provides high-speed character verification, even when the print is extremely distorted, using both image-based and printer font-based training.

 IDMax • OCVMax • Bar Code Reading • 2D Symbol Verification


Color Tools
Sort, match, identify, and monitor color images.

 Color Segmentation • Color Match • Composite Color Match


Gauging Tools

Find, measure, and analyze geometric aspects of images.

 Line Finder • Circle Finder • Blob Analysis • Fixturing • Calibration • Caliper • Find Geometry


Image Processing Tools

Optimize and manipulate images prior to inspecting the object.

 Sobel Edge Detection • Image Addition/Subtraction • Image Sharpness • Pixel mapping • Polar Unwrap  Checkerboard Calibration • Copy Region • Gray-Scale Morphology



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