Neurotechnology's SentiSight is intended for developers who want to use computer vision-based object recognition in their applications. SentiSight enables the learning of objects and searching for learned objects in images from almost any camera, webcam, still picture or live video.

  • Accurate - The SentiSight algorithm provides simultaneous multiple 2D and 3D object detection and recognition, and is able to find out:
    • whether a particular object is presented in a scene;
    • where the object is located in the scene;
    • how many instances of the object are there in the scene.
  • Robust - High recognition quality and is tolerant to object scale, rotation and pose changes.
  • Universal - Able to perform fully automatic and manual object learning. Some of the potential applications for SentiSight technology include:
    • Search engines that recognize objects in picture files (either local or on the Web);
      Security systems;
    • Parts recognition in production lines;
    • Robot vision;
    • Road signs recognition;
    • Machine vision.
  • Fast - Process video streams in real time, so it can be used for real-time applications.
  • Webcam capable - Supports input from surveillance cameras, webcams and image files.
  • Flexible licensing model and competitive price.

SentiSight supports 2 methods of object learning: manual and automatic.

Object Learning Object Recognition

Manual object learning is suitable for most situations. A user must perform these steps for manual object learning in the SentiSight 2.0 SDK:

 Technical Specifications
 Recommended image size for real time operation on  modern processor 320 x 240 pixels
 Static Background Extraction/Object mask separation
 (320 x 240 image size)
20 frames/sec
 Learning: Processing of single objects' frame
 (320 x 240 image size)
0.05 sec.
 Learning: Generalization time (for 100 frames of object) 6 sec.
 Recognition speed from image frame for single object  model (including processing of the image) ~ 10 frames/sec.
 Recognition speed from image model for single object  model (excluding processing of the image) ~ 20 models/sec

All performance evaluations were performed using a PC with 2.4 GHz Intel Core2 Duo CPU

SentiSight SDK

SentiSight 2.0 SDK allows the development of computer vision-based object recognition systems for Microsoft Windows or Linux platforms.SentiSight SDK enables manual and fully automatic object learning as well as simultaneous multiple object detection and recognition in an easy, yet versatile, way.

SentiSight can be easily integrated into a customer's system. The developer has complete control over SDK data input and output; therefore SDK functions can be used in connection with most cameras (including webcams), with any database and with any user interface.

SentiSight is available as SentiSight 2.0 SDK. The SDK includes Camera Manager Library for Microsoft Windows and Linux that allow simultaneous capture from multiple cameras and a library to aid in handling video files.

SentiSight 2.0 SDK distribution package contains:

  • One SentiSight 2.0 installation license;
  • SentiSight 2.0 learning and recognition algorithm;
  • C/C++ programming tutorials;
  • C# programming tutorials;
  • Delphi programming tutorials;
  • SentiSight 2.0 SDK documentation

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