Special Lens
P-Lens 2/6,5 Special lens for inspecting cavities

The P-lens 2/6.5 is a special lens for inspecting cavities. It can determine optical characteristics and features on surfaces such as defects or contamination, as well as verify the presence of components. The convenient distance of 35 mm from the entrance pupil to the first lens makes it possible to use the P-Lens to inspect components in fully automated processes.

The lens is specially designed to focus (i.e. show contrasts) on curved surfaces in an optimum way. This allows it to make an image of the entire interior of the specimen. The image is reproduced on a standard commercial CCD camera. In this way, images can either be digitally processed or viewed manually on a monitor.

 Optical parameters
 Focal length f = 6.5 mm
 Back focus S´=11.1 mm
 Position of entrance pupil -35 mm before first lens vertex
 Diameter of entrance pupil Ø = 3.2 mm
 f - number (iris) 2 < k < 11
 Image field diameter 2y´= 6 mm
 Field angle (f.o.v.) 2σ = 52°
 Adjustment range of object axial object point ∞ to 150 mm
 MTF on image surface 30 Lp/mm at 70 % contrast

 Mechanical mounting dimensions
 Total length f = 6.5 mm
 Connection S´=11.1 mm
 Optical filter:
 slip on fitting
 screw-in thread

51 mm
M 49 x 0.75
 Weight 550 g


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